Two-Way Power Shotgun Electret Condenser Microphone

The ECM-674 is a two-way powered shotgun, electret condenser-type microphone, which delivers excellent sound performance in field and studio production applications at an affordable price.

The ECM-674 offers an excellent sensitivity and a low inherent-noise level. It has a flat-and-wide frequency response and delivers extremely smooth and natural sound reproduction.

A two-way powering capability allows the ECM-674 to be driven by microphone power or batteries, making it suitable for both camcorder mounting and many other sound-gathering applications. Internal: AA-size battery operation. External: DC (40 to 52 V) operation.

In general, old batteries can leak and damage the equipment they are used in. The ECM-674 prevents this by continually detecting the output voltage of the battery and shutting off the power supplied to the electric circuit whenever the voltage drops beneath a certain threshold.

The built-in two-position (M, V) low-cut switch on the ECM-674 provides a simple method of reducing the effects of unwanted ambient noise.


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