Spottune Wireless Companion Subwoofer

The Sub by Spottune provides an additional layer of sound to the system, filling in any potential gaps in the lower frequencies and boosting the potential of the system. With the ability to control the volume independently and with floor, wall and ceiling mounting options, the Sub is an incredibly versatile companion to the Omni speakers.

Using Spottune’s proprietary wireless technology, the Sub guarantees stable sound quality at all volumes and the centralised, cloud-based control platform allows for the complete overview and easy management of the entire system.

Available in:

  • Spottune Sub (Subwoofer) – White W1-F-W
  • Spottune Sub (Subwoofer) – Black W1-F-B
  • Spottune Sub (Subwoofer) – Grey W1-F-G


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