Spottune Omnidirectional 360° Pendant Wireless Speaker

The Omni Cord provides Spottune’s OmniExperience™ sound in an easy-to-install package which any electrician can fit without additional audio cabling or infrastructure, just power.

The unique acoustic design provides crystal clear sound and even dispersion across a wide area, up to 75 square meters per speaker. Implementing Spottune over traditional installation options can result in up to 50% less speakers needed for the same coverage.

Using Spottune’s proprietary wireless technology, the Omni Cord guarantees stable sound quality at all volumes and the centralised, cloud-based control platform allows for the complete overview and easy management of the entire system.

Available in:

  • Spottune Omni Cord (Speaker) – White O1-C-W
  • Spottune Omni Cord (Speaker) – Black O1-C-B
  • Spottune Omni Cord (Speaker) – Grey O1-C-G


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