Slot-in 2 Channel Digital Wireless Receiver

The DWR-S03D is the newest addition to Sony’s DWX Generation 3 series offering a compact receiver perfect for all ENG/EFP applications.

Now compatible with UniSlot, this 2-channel portable receiver can be mounted onto a selection of camcorders using the new DWA-SLAS1 or DWA-SLAU1 interface adaptor.

Operating on a bandwidth of up to 148 MHz, and with automatic channel scan and sync, the DWR-S03D has the ability to find clear and unoccupied frequencies quickly and in the busiest of areas

The DWR-S03D is now compatible with any Superslot™ module giving even more functionality and the ability to view and control many parameters without touching the receiver, or the transmitter too!


Sony’s DWX Generation 3 series has grown, and joining it is the new DWR-S03D compact 2 channel receiver. Built for on location recording this new lightweight receiver carries on the DWX’s reputation for superb quality, durability and stability.

With the addition of 2 new interface adapters, including the UniSlot, the DWR-S03D is now able to take advantage of a multitude of cameras and mixers Sony or otherwise.

  • DWR-S03D/H – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 566.025MHz to 714.000 MHz
  • DWR-S03D/L – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 470.025MHz to 614.000 MHz
  • DWR-S03D/HS1 – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 566.025MHz to 714.000 MHz, plus DWA-SLAS1 Sony adapter
  • DWR-S03D/HU1 – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 566.025MHz to 714.000 MHz, plus DWA-SLAU1 Universal adapter
  • DWR-S03D/LS1 – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 470.025MHz to 614.000 MHz, plus DWA-SLAS1 Sony adapter
  • DWR-S03D/LU1 – DWX Series Gen3 Slot-In Receiver 470.025MHz to 614.000 MHz, plus DWA-SLAU1 Universal adapter
  • Superb quality wireless transmission and reception​

    Sony’s years of experience in engineering audio products give us great features such as a dynamic range of more than 106db. Along with a frequency response of 20-22kHz and excellent transient response we can happily say that this is the best sounding digital system going.

  • Flexible interface

    A selection of adapters are available allowing for use with Sony and other manufacturers. DWA-SLAS1: for Sony camcorders, DWA-01D and DWA-F01D DWA-SLAU1: for the products with UniSlot®* * UniSlot® is a registered trademark of Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd.

  • Wide bandwidth

    Up to 148 MHz bandwidth (depending on region) enables flexible operation with wide channel selection.

  • Superslot™ Compatible

    When connected to a Superslot™ module, you can change parameters such as Frequency, Attenuation and RF Power in your transmitters using Crossremote™, all whilst not touching your receiver or talent.

By simply holding down the Menu select and set button, the DWR-S03D will go into channel scan and sync function. This will automatically scan for clear channels, and then allocate best two to both channels on the receiver, this can then be pushed to both transmitters via Cross Remote. 

The Sony DWX range uses something called Sony X-Dimension Diversity™. Combining the diversity Sony’s advanced digital technology, the diversity of multiple dimensions and lastly algorithms of high calculation accuracy gives you incredibly stable transmission stability.

The DWR-S03D can remotely control transmitter features such as Input attenuation, Audio Low-pass cut-off frequency, RF frequency selection, RF power output, RF frequency selection and Sleep Mode.

The following functions are available when combining the DWR-S03D with the XDCAM Corder. 

  • Synchronised video and audio latency 
  • The Camcorders LCD or Viewfinder can monitor wireless audio status
  • Via Cross Remote™ certain transmitter parameters can be controlled remotely.
  • Transmitters power save can be remotely controlled by the Camcorders assignable switch.*
  • The Camcorders main power switch can be used to switch the transmitters power save more between active or sleep automatically. 
  • *Applicable Camcorder: PXW-Z450 Ver.3.0/PXW-X400 Ver.3.2/PXW-X500 Ver.5.2/PXW-Z750

As per the 2 channel Rack receivers, the DWR-S03D utilises Sony’s excellent codec development, with 4 options to suit a wide range of scenarios.

MODE1: Audio codec mode that is compatible with first-generation DWX-series devices. 

MODE2: Audio codec mode that prioritizes short delay times while maintaining transmission stability and high audio quality. 

MODE3: Audio codec mode that uses additional signal processing to suppress noise caused by unexpected pulse interference

MODE4: Audio codec mode that prioritizes audio quality for faithful reproduction while maintaining transmission stability and low delay time

An audio latency of only 1.2msec combines with high quality 96 kHz audio (CODEC MODE2, with DWT-B03R or DWT-B30)

To minimise the risk of interception the DWR-S03D transmits and receivers digitally encrypted and modulated data. This ensures secure reception and transition with AES 256-bit encryption.

Made of magnesium die-cast and aluminium this unit is rugged yet light weight for even the harshest of environments

Whilst you can use the Sony DWR-S03D straight out of the box, there are a host of 3rd party accessories by MW3DD which give even more flexibility to the system. The accessories for the DWR-S03D are:

  • DWA-03P25 – Universal 25-pin Slot-In Adaptor with 4-pin Hirose DC Input and 2x XLR Audio Output (Analog/AES)
  • DWA-03P25mini – Universal 25-pin Slot-In Adaptor with 4-pin Hirose DC Input and 1x TA3 miniXLR AES Audio Output
  • DWA-03P Plate – Stand for DWA-03P25
  • DWA-603P25 – 6-channel 3 socket adaptor for 3x DWR-S03D. 6 channel audio output through one D-SUB25. 4-pin Hirose DC input.
  • DWA-S03 CLIP – Belt-Clip for DWR-S03D
  • BATA-S03D – Battery Plate with 2 independent, hot-swappable slots for use with MW3DD BATU Batteries.
  • DWA-03PB plate – Stand for DWA-03P25 + BATA-S03D
  • BATU-2000 – 2000mAh LiPo Rechargeable Battery for BATA-S03D
  • BATU-2400 – 2400mAh LiPo Rechargeable Battery for BATA-S03D

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